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Total Body L

Foam Roller Corrective Movements: Flexion to Extension x 5, Wrlds Greatest Stretch x 3 each Side, Lunge and Rotate 10 yds, Skip N Scoop10 yds, Banded Walks Full Turf length D&B, Plank Series 3o Sec Each side Squat Complex (DB) x10 @25 Lbs 1). Squat/ Wall Press(Ball) -10 Lbs -3x20 SS). Lateral Bounds(Ball) -10 Lbs -3 Sets Down and back for 15 Yds 2). SL Glute Bridge (Heavy Band) -2x 15 Each Leg SS). Fire Hydrant (Heavy Band) -2x15 Each side 3). Single Leg Ball Slam (Ball) -12 Lbs -3x12 Each Leg SS).Pistol Squat (Ball) -12 Lbs -3x12 Each Leg 4). Back Squat -135 Lbs -8reps, 6 reps, 4 reps, 2 reps (Remember to Superset after each set of squats) SS).DB walking lunge -40 Lbs -4 sets 10 yds Down and back abt 15 yds = 1 Set


Take your weight vest inside... foam roll tomorrow then hop on the stair master with your vest... you will walk for 5 minutes on the speed of 10 with your vest on ... rest for 2 minutes then go it again for 5 total sets


Foam roller

Push-up to down dog

Wearing your weight vest do atleast one mile walking in the treadmill put the incline all the way up should be around 12(highest setting) walk one mile with the speed at least 3.2 non atol before you workout today...

I will be posting todays workout later


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